Shhhhhhh. Don't make any sudden moves to disturb the critics or they might break this streak.

[UPDATE: Dang it. Someone had to ruin it. As of April 4, "A Quiet Place" is 98 percent fresh after 58 "fresh" reviews and 1 "rotten."]

We're always rooting for John Krasinski and Emily Blunt -- who happen to be married, but we love them separately too. So we were already rooting for the horror thriller "A Quiet Place" to succeed.

Krasinski directed the movie, and he and Blunt play husband-and-wife on screen as well -- parents to two children, played by Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe (shown above). They also have two kids in real life. Thankfully, everything else is fiction.

So far, critics definitely approve of their movie. One week out, "A Quiet Place" has a 100 percent fresh rating from 33 critics on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 8.3/10. That's not bad at all. The Metascore at this point is 79, based on 14 critics.

It's definitely possible that the scores will go down, but the critical praise so far is effusive enough to suggest director Krasinski has a winner on his hands:

• "Directed with first-rate visual flair by John Krasinski (who knew?), this riveting near-silent thriller exudes the despair of a broken world with the concision of a Cormac McCarthy novel folded into a simplistic B-movie premise." - IndieWire

• "Even moviegoers who don't accept the metaphor are going to have the pants scared off them." - Hollywood Reporter

​​​​​​​• ​​​​​​​"It's not just an intelligent horror film, but a movie that is capable of scaring even the most experienced of horror fans with staggering ease." - Den of Geek

​​​​​​​• ​​​​​​​"A bravura monster movie which just doesn't let up, ratcheting tension with nary a word uttered on screen." - Empire Magazine

​​​​​​​• ​​​​​​​"When A Quiet Place has one finger on the panic button and the other on mute, it's a nervy, terrifying thrill." -- Entertainment Weekly

​​​​​​​• "A tight thrill ride-the kind of movie that quickens the heart rate and plays with the expectations of the audience, while never treating them like idiots. In other words, it's a really good horror movie." -

In a talk with USA Today, Emily Blunt agreed that, underneath the horror, "A Quiet Place" is really a family movie:

"Yeah, it is. I think that's what was appealing. This is a metaphor for parenthood in many ways. The dread that most parents feel sending their kids out into this incredibly brutal, fragile world that we're in right now. Obviously 'A Quiet Place' is like the magnified version of that. But at the root of it, this is about a family that need to communicate more than most families and they can't. There's an agony in that, an agony in living silently, and the dynamics are something that John and I really understood — the need and desire to protect your children is something that we just understood in spades and were obviously very aligned in because we parent the same children. In the same way 'Jaws' is not really about the shark, it's about the men and what they have to overcome, this is sort of his homage to that."

"A Quiet Place" opens in theaters next Friday, April 6.

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