Russell Crowe In 'Gladiator'Want to own a piece of Russell Crowe's movie history?

The actor is auctioning off items including a chariot from "Gladiator," a tunic worn in "Robin Hood," and -- oh look -- a leather jockstrap he wore in the period boxing film "Cinderella Man."

Among the more than 200 items you can bid on: an aluminum prop sword and spare blade used by Crowe in "Gladiator"s famous tiger fight scene. Also on the auction block: the black leather wrist cuffs he wore as he shouted "Are you not entertained?"

It's all part of "Russell Crowe: The Art of Divorce" auction being held April 7 by Sotheby's Australia in Sydney. That's a significant date for the actor: It's both his birthday and his wedding anniversary. He married actress Danielle Spencer in 2003 and the two separated in 2012.

The aluminium prop sword and spare blade used by Crowe in the filming of Gladiator's tiger fight scene are also up for grabs, as are a wooden training sword and black leather wrist cuffs. Another unusual lot comes in the form of a crotch protector from Crowe's 2005 film Cinderella Man, as well as a pair of boxing boots he also wore during the film.

Read more at: married actress Danielle Spencer in xxx. He says they've been separated for the last five and a half years.

As Crowe told "Good Morning Britain," these possessions "started to feel heavy... I was looking for a way to bounce that into something more positive so this is what I came up with."

He shares he came up with the idea after "a couple of vodkas in the middle of the desert."

Among the other things you can buy from Crowe's movies:

You can see the whole list here.

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