Has John Krasinski seen this masterpiece?

Krasinski is still best known to many fans as Jim from NBC's "The Office." However, he just scored big time at the box office, directing and co-starring in the horror film "A Quiet Place."

Fans immediately made jokes and comparisons between the two projects, but YouTuber Media Muse showed real assistant to the regional manager level initiative by creating "A Dwight Place."

The parody trailer mashup combines key scenes from "The Office" -- like "the longest silent streak in office history" -- with tense scenes and music from "A Quiet Place."

It helps to know that, in "A Quiet Place," everyone has to stay completely silent or they'll attract Very Bad Things.

Watch the trailer for "A Dwight Place":Brilliant.

John Krasinski has been retweeting raves for "A Quiet Place" from the likes of Chris Pratt and Ryan Reynolds, among others. He should really give this video a push, too, since it's right up his dual alleys.

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