Zachary LeviZach Levi has had enough with people critiquing his "fake muscles" of his "Shazam!" superhero suit.

The former "Chuck" star shared an Instagram pic of himself at a gym looking more than adequately buff.

Okay, the abs aren't the six-pack Brad Pitt sported in "Fight Club" or the rock-hard physique of Gerard Butler in "300," but c'mon, people. Give the guy a break.

After set photos of the upcoming superhero film leaked in March, Men's Health suggested the actor was wearing -- gasp(!) -- padding. "The actor's arms looked huge in recent set photos, but are they real? We're still not buying it."

Levi isn't letting "LeviGate" get to him and has continued to post "shameless selfies" from the set.

"Shazam!" opens on April 5, 2019.

[Via The Wrap]