Compare this little focker to the original scene.

John Mulaney hosted "Saturday Night Live" on April 14, but he wasn't in the brilliant cold open. Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro stole the opener by re-enacting the lie detector scene from "Meet the Parents" -- with a Trump administration twist. Stiller played President Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen, with De Niro as Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller's interrogation led to some crossover laughs, including a redux of the "You can milk anything with nipples" joke.

Check out the "SNL" clip, and some clips from the original movie:"You broke the law. Now we're gonna catch all of you 'Little Fockers,' you got that?"

Nice. Hopefully both Stiller and De Niro can return for more Cohen and Mueller sketches, if the news offers those opportunities.

"Saturday Night Live" will welcome Donald Glover as both host and musical guest on May 5, just in time to promote "Solo: A Star Wars Story." Watch more clips from Mulaney's SNL gig.

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