When the first photos from the upcoming big screen adaptation of Kevin Kwan novel "Crazy Rich Asians" surfaced late last year, it seemed clear that this flick would definitely live up to its title. Now, fans have their first look at footage from the opulent film.

The teaser -- released on Thursday, in anticipation of the debut of the full trailer on Monday -- gives viewers a quick rundown of the plot: Rachel (Constance Wu), a Chinese-American professor, accompanies her hunky boyfriend Nick (Henry Golding) back home to his native Singapore for a friend's wedding. What Nick neglects to mention, however, is that his family is ridiculously wealthy -- crazy rich, you might say.

In the clip, there are quick cuts to demonstrate this wealth, including luxurious cars, lavish fireworks displays, palatial mansions, and over-the-top parties.

"You really should've told me that you're like the Prince William of Asia," an overwhelmed Rachel chides Nick.

"That's ridiculous," Nick replies with a wink. "I'm much more of a Harry."

Royalty or not, it seems clear that Nick's world isn't something Rachel is used to. That tension drives the flick, and should provide plenty of fish-out-of-water moments, particularly when it comes to interactions with Nick's imposing mother, Eleanor (Michelle Yeoh).

"Crazy Rich Asians" is set to hit theaters on August 17.