Disneynature gave us what we needed on Earth Day: a trailer for the upcoming film "Penguins."

The film is nonfiction, but that doesn't mean the story is any less compelling. After watching the preview, we've already fallen for its protagonist, a penguin named Steve. He reminds us a little of another movie bird we adored, albeit a fictional one. Like Mumble, the hero of "Happy Feet," Steve is apparently "a gentleman who stands out from the crowd" and "looking for love."

As the trailer continues, we see the Steve does find a mate, but his travails don't end there. Not only does he have to take care of their offspring while she goes in search of food, he has to deal with an extremely harsh climate and a variety of dangerous predators. Survival will be a challenge, but we're ready to cheer him on, every step of the way.

Watch below.

"Penguins" hits theaters on Earth Day 2019.