Never let it be said that Jeremy Renner is not tough. The actor broke both of his arms while filming "Tag," but didn't let it slow him down in spite of how challenging it was.

The topic of his 2017 injuries has come back into the spotlight now that the comedy is quickly coming to theaters. His co-star Jon Hamm described it as "the most notable" of "several on-set injuries" during an "Ellen DeGeneres Show" appearance last week, and EW has since published an interview with Renner about how his broken bones affected production. Shockingly, the impact was minimal, even though the incident happened very early on. Renner was back at work right away, working through the pain and physical limitations.

"The first week was a little rough just because of the swelling, but the swelling went down after the first week," the actor told EW. "I would take the splints off as often as I could."

"A little rough" seems like an understatement. After all, Renner described pushing through the injury as "sort of like a battle of [his] will to heal as fast as [he] possibly could." The action star had to undergo physically challenging therapy every day in order to speed up the process, he said. That sounds miserable, but as Renner pointed out, it wasn't like there was a great alternative.

"What else do you do, you just stop and cry and everyone go home?" he said.

Renner didn't go home. He kept filming "Tag," and then continued on with his other commitments, including to the Avengers series.

If you're curious how Renner hurt himself, watch Hamm describe the incident below.

"Tag" hits theaters June 15.

[via: EW]