In the second season of "The Sinner," Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) returns to his hometown in rural New York to determine whether a 13-year-old boy (Elisha Henig) killed his parents.

Much like the first season, which centered on why shy Cora (Jessica Biel) murdered a complete stranger for no apparent reason, the suspect here seemingly has no clear motive to poison his parents.

Naturally, Ambrose's investigation turns up some deeply disturbing information. Will Season 2 offer anything as creepy as that masked tormentor of Cora's nightmares? We can only hope!

New characters this season will be played by Carrie Coon ("The Leftovers") and real-life husband Tracy Letts ("Divorce"). Letts plays Jack Novack, a childhood friend of Harry's. Coon plays Vera, a local woman who proves to be a complicated, enigmatic piece to this haunting puzzle.

Season 1 only hinted at Ambrose's own haunted past, but it's a safe bet that, with the season set in his hometown, we'll get more of an idea why he's nearly as messed up as the people he arrests.

Biel's character will not be back for Season 2, but she remains a producer.

Set your DVRs for August 1 at 10/9c on USA Network.

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