Leslie Jones wants the next season of "Saturday Night Live" to aim for belly laughs instead of political gaffes.

"Comedy is a release just like art and music," Jones told TheWrap. "All of that is the same thing. You need that release. It can't always be serious. You need The Three Stooges just as much as you need John Oliver."

No offense to political humor, she added, because "we do need that" in the world.

"And I love looking at that type of comedy that explains what's going on and make it funny so you can really realize this is ridiculous."

But we also need more than that.

Jones told TheWrap she thinks it's time to scale back a bit on the politics, which dominated Season 43 in just about every Cold Open and Weekend Update bit.

"I hope next year we can do more funnier stuff instead of a lot of political stuff this year, which we had to. There was so much stuff that was happening, there was no way that our show, with the responsibility that we have, would not to cover that stuff. It was just too important. But I do hope that next year will be a lot more funny-funny based stuff, more comedy based stuff instead of a lot of political stuff."

"Saturday Night Live" has taken criticism from the right for its clear anti-Trump slant. But many current SNL viewers appreciate the political humor, led by Alec Baldwin's impression of Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon's impression of most of his staffers. Jones joined bits last season as Trump's ousted staffer and former "Apprentice" star Omarosa.

But these days you have maybe 10 comics doing the exact same Trump joke, Jones said.

"No one just gets up and does a simple joke that makes you laugh."

SNL Season 44 will premiere this fall on NBC.

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