Leslie Jones may have to make good on her threat to march nude, 'cause NBC just canceled "Timeless."


NBC canceled "Timeless" after one season last May, but fan outcry brought it back for a second season.

But this is what happens when a fan base is vocal and passionate ... but unable to convert enough new viewers into the fandom.

As Deadline noted, this time NBC waited to share the bad news until after the May upfronts. The cancellation news came just before the casts' options were set to expire.

But there's a small spark of hope on the horizon for at least a wrap-up movie to provide closure after that major Season 2 finale cliffhanger; here's that bit from Deadline:

"[T]he network and Timeless producer Sony Pictures TV had been discussing doing a two-hour movie that would resolve the cliffhanger in the recent Season 2 finale and wrap the stories on the show, giving fans closure. I hear the two sides have not been able to make the economics work so far but conversations continue, and NBC appears interested.

Doing two-hour movie finales is very expensive as it involves ramping up production and reassembling a team with little financial upside for the series' network or studio. The economics are especially challenging on broadcast TV; the only series that has done it in the past decade or so was CBS' CSI, which already had made a ton of money for CBS parent CBS Corp., spawning a billion dollar franchise for CBS TV Studios. On SVOD, Netflix recently did it with its cult sci-fi drama series Sense8."

Co-showrunner Shawn Ryan tweeted about the sad news and wrap-up movie idea:

Co-executive producer Eric Kripke also weighed in:

The stars also reacted to the sad news:

Hopefully NBC doesn't leave the fandom completely hanging. Closure is needed!

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