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How much would you pay for Han Solo's jacket?

Well, unless you've got $1.3 million to spare,  it ain't enough.

The jacket worn by our favorite space smuggler in "The Empire Strikes Back" is on the auction block and that's how much it's expected to sell for, according to UK-based auction house Prop Store.

Per the official listing, it's "the only significant Han Solo costume piece from the original trilogy ever to come to public auction."

It was designed by Academy Award-winning costume designer John Mollo.  According to Mollo,  Lucas instructed him to avoid making the costumes appear "spacey."

The jacket appears to be navy blue in the film but is actually blue-grey.

It has "only minor instances of loose threading and minimal wear as a result of production use" and is in "excellent" condition.

In reaction to Harrison Ford's impressive "Star Wars" stash, Mark Hamill pledged to sell his red capri pants, which, hey, we don't remember seeing Luke wear those!


[Via Slashfilm]