Seth Rogen and James Franco in Pineapple Express

Columbia Pictures

Aug. 6 marks 10 years since the comedy "Pineapple Express" hit theaters, so naturally, the occasion called for celebration.

Seth Rogen, one of the movie's co-writers and stars, wasn't about to let the special day go by unnoticed. He made time to relive the stoner magic on Monday, and he found a way to share it with his fans. Using Twitter, the actor revealed numerous "fun facts" about the movie.

They're all pretty interesting, but there are some that are truly entertaining and/or bizarre mixed in as well. Who knew, for instance, that Rogen and his co-writer, Evan Goldberg, took it upon themselves to roll all the film's cross joints?  (Apparently, no one else did it as well.) Or that Rogen and his co-star James Franco traded roles at Franco's request?

There's so much for even die-hard fans to learn, as you'll see below.

For even more of Rogen's "Pineapple Express" fun facts, head over to his Twitter account. What a 10-year anniversary treat.

[h/t: Deadline]