Tom Hardy, Taboo


Al Capone keeps finding himself in modern headlines, even after dying back in 1947 at age 48.

In this case, it's because "Fonzo" director Josh Trank just shared a look at star Tom Hardy in full makeup as the notorious gangster.

"Fonzo" -- nickname for Alphonse Capone -- focuses on the end of Capone's life, after almost a decade in prison for tax evasion, when he was suffering with dementia.

A few months ago, Tom Hardy shared some early shots of his Al Capone during filming. It's pretty clear he's going to be unrecognizable.

In Hardy's early shots, Fonzo looked like Marlon Brando. In Trank's photo above, as one fan tweeted, "Why does Tom look like Christoph Waltz?"

At least there may not be anything covering his face this time.

"Fonzo" also stars Linda Cardellini as Capone's long-suffering wife Mae; Matt Dillon as his closest friend Johnny; Kyle MacLachlan as his doctor Karlock; Katherine Narducci as Rosie, one of his sisters; Jack Lowden as FBI agent Crawford; Noel Fisher as Capone's son Junior; and Tilda Del Toro as Mona Lisa, a mysterious lover from Capone's past.

This will be Josh Trank's first feature since "Fantastic Four" did not exactly go as planned. The release date for "Fonzo" has yet to be announced.

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