A Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth team-up seemed promising for "Star Trek 4," but now the entire movie's fate is up in the air.

THR reports that both actors have walked away from talks to return as father and son in a fourth "Star Trek" film that would have featured a time-traveling plot where the two cross paths. (A pre-"Thor" Hemsworth played James Kirk's doomed father George in the prologue of the 2009 film.)

Without those deals in place,  talks have not yet begun for the other cast members.

Since "Star Trek Beyond" grossed only $343 million worldwide on a budget of $190 million, the studio is reportedly trying to make this one on a much smaller budget.

The actors both have existing deals (with presumably set salaries), and are reportedly refusing to take a pay cut.

Although the two sides seem to be at an impasse, insiders tell THR that the sequel remains a "priority development" and is not being put on hold.

For the first time in the franchise's history, a female director, S. J. Clarkson ("Jessica Jones") was hired to direct. Since this would be her first feature film (and women still get paid less than men in Hollywood), her salary was surely lower than J.J. Abrams or Justin Lin, who directed "Star Trek Beyond."

What do you think? Should the Chrises take a pay cut for the team?