Michael B. Jordan in Creed

Warner Bros. Pictures

It's not every fan who will bring a cardboard version of you to prom, so Michael B. Jordan repaying some of that love.

The "Creed II" star recently arranged a surprise for Audeva Agyeman, his fan who made a life-size cardboard cutout of him and took it to prom after her boyfriend canceled on her at the last minute. The photos went viral in April, putting her on Jordan's radar. Now, the video of them meeting is spreading around the internet, too -- as it should, because her reaction is so delightful.

Jordan posted the video via Instagram Wednesday and wrote that he "had to show her some love" given that he couldn't actually be Agyeman's prom date. He orchestrated a "Creed II" set visit for her because he thought her stunt was "super sweet," and then surprised her by being there when she was told he wouldn't be.

Watch Jordan's video below to see her hilarious reaction.

The meeting was everything Agyeman dreamed of, and she shared photos and video after the fact.

"Creed II" hits theaters Nov. 21, and you can bet Agyeman will be seeing it.

[h/t: EW]