The upcoming "Charlie's Angels" reboot is serving as an unofficial "Hunger Games" reunion, with actor Sam Claflin reportedly set to join the production.

Variety has the scoop that Claflin, who played the dashing tribute Finnick Odair in the last three "Hunger" films, will star in this new version of "Charlie's." He'll once again appear opposite fellow "Hunger Games" star Elizabeth Banks, who's playing one of several different Bosleys in the flick. Banks is also serving as director and producer on the project.

There's no word yet on the identity of Claflin's character, but the sky truly seems to be the limit for this flick, which is determined to set itself apart from its predecessors. As noted above, one way it's doing just that is by including multiple versions of Angels handler Bosley, portrayed by an all-star team of Banks, Patrick Stewart, and Djimon Hounsou. (And we wouldn't be surprised if additional Bosleys pop up, too.)

The film is set to follow the now-international Townsend Agency, which has teams throughout the globe, and center around the exploits of a trio of Angels played by Kristen StewartNaomi Scott, and Ella Balinska. They provide security and intelligence services to a wide variety of private international clients.

We'll be eagerly awaiting this version of the classic series. "Charlie's Angels" is due in theaters on September 27, 2019.

[via: Variety]