Billy on the Street still

Billy on the Street TV/YouTube

The time has come for a woke "Hocus Pocus," and who better than Tiffany Haddish and Billy Eichner to find some diverse witches?

The latest episode of "Billy on the Street" follows the two comedians as they run around the streets of New York, in search of some possible contenders. They claim they need a third person to join them in playing the three witches originally portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, and Kathy Najimy. It turns into a pretty hilarious witch hunt. Eichner gets excited over some "Crazy Witch Asians," Haddish shows off Brazilian dance moves, and many, many blunt questions are asked.

"I'm gay, she's black. What do you bring to the table?" Eichner says to a man at one point.

Watch the witch hunt below.

As you can see at the end, the video isn't just meant to entertain. Eichner reminds viewers to vote on Nov. 6, and he also highlights a Lyft promotion for voters who need a free or discounted ride to the polls.