The name's Luther, John Luther.

The tough-as-nails detective played by Sexiest Man AliveIdris Elba is back in the first footage from "Luther" Season 5.

In the clip posted by BBC One, a gangster named George Cornelius (Patrick Malahide) has Luther tied up to a chair. George demands to know the whereabouts of his missing son, Alistair. When Luther shouts he doesn't know, he gets tazed and then subjected to a round of Russian roulette.

Of course, this is Luther, so he manages to escape the chair and get his hands on that gun. But what he really wants to know is: Why does George think he had anything to do with Alistair's disappearance?

The four-episode season brings back Ruth Wilson as Alice Morgan, who supposedly died (and has haunted the detective).

Wilson told Collider of her character's return: "You don’t see a psychopath that’s a woman, who really enjoys what they’re doing, very often. You’ve got endless male characters like that. For me, it was really freeing."

"Luther" Season 5 does not yet have a premiere date, but it is "coming soon" on BBC One and BBC America.