Anna Kendrick in Twilight

Summit Entertainment

It has officially been 10 years since "Twilight" came out, and that was apparently long enough for Anna Kendrick to forget about her role in the film.

The actress posted a funny tweet on Monday, Nov. 26, a little more than a week after the film's 10th anniversary. In it, she admitted that she "just remembered" she was in the movie, meaning that her role in four of the film series' five parts somehow slipped her mind.

Granted, Kendrick's character, Jessica Stanley, was relatively small and she has since gone on to much bigger roles. In the series, Jessica befriended Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) early on, but we didn't see all that much of her once Bella became entangled with Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). Still, "Twilight" fans definitely didn't forget that Kendrick was in the movie. In fact, they were happy to remind her of her work and replied with tweets of their own.

Kendrick's "Twilight" role might have been temporarily forgettable for her, but she clearly made an impression on fans.