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DC fans in the U.S. are not-so-patiently waiting for the debut of "Aquaman," which is set to swim into theaters in a matter of days. And based on all the love the film has already received from overseas audiences, it looks like the flick will be well worth the wait.

"Aquaman" has already been playing for nearly two weeks in multiple international markets, and has raked in more than $266 million. That impressive sum includes a whopping $189 million from China, where the Jason Momoa-starring film has now become the country's second-highest grossing Warner Bros. movie of all time, and its fourth-highest grossing superhero flick ever.

Since its international bow, "Aquaman" has been the top movie worldwide two weeks in a row, and is currently playing in 43 markets. And in most of them, it's outperforming its predecessor, "Justice League." That film went on to make just over $650 million worldwide, and based on all this buzz so far, we're guessing that "Aquaman" will easily outswim it.

The film has gotten mixed reviews, with Moviefone's own critic noting that its plot gets a little convoluted -- but there's no denying that it's a visually stunning feature. That seems to be the consensus across the board, and has been touted numerous times by the filmmakers. Domestic audiences only have to wait a few more days to dive in for themselves.

"Aquaman" comes ashore in the U.S. on December 21.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]