Gen:LOCK clip still

Rooster Teeth Clips/YouTube

The upcoming animated web series "gen:LOCK" is coming soon, and in the meantime, there is a new Episode 1 preview.

The clip, released Tuesday, Jan. 8, centers on Julian Chase, a mecha pilot voiced by Michael B. Jordan. He's just one of the a team of pilots trying to prevent an authoritarian force from taking over the world. Chase is described as "one of the best fighter pilots in the Vanguard," and as we can see, he isn't afraid of taking risks. When he and his fellow pilots are in a dangerous situation in Episode 1, he defies orders to try to buy everyone time.

Watch below.

Jordan isn't the only well-known actor to lend his voice to the series. Maisie Williams ("Game of Thrones"), Dakota Fanning ("Ocean's 8"), and David Tennant ("Jessica Jones") are also among the voice cast.

The first two episodes of "gen:LOCK" hit Rooster Teeth on Jan. 26, and episodes will then follow weekly. While anyone can view Episodes 1 and 2, only subscribers will be able to watch the others.