Star Trek


The exploration of the "Star Trek" universe continues: An animated series aimed at kids looks likely to land at Viacom's Nickelodeon network.

The network is close to reaching a deal for the new series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Like other recent installments in the franchise, it comes from writer-producer Alex Kurtzman. Writers Kevin and Dan Hageman are also behind the show.

Although the show targets a younger audience, Kurtzman has made it clear that he hopes it will appeal to a broad audience. In early February, he told that "it will traditionally look younger" but added that "hopefully the [viewer] age rage is somewhere between 8 and 45."

"I think you'll find that it is utterly reverent of everything we love about 'Trek,'" Kurtzman also told the publication at the time.

Kurtzman has plenty of experience in the "Star Trek" Universe. He served as a co-writer and executive producer for 2009's "Star Trek" and 2013's "Star Trek Into Darkness." Additionally, he co-created "Star Trek: Discovery," so the latest series is in good hands.

The new project is one of two upcoming "Star Trek"-based animated series that are in the works, both with Kurtzman on board. One difference between them, however, is that the other, "Lower Decks," is not aimed at kids. Its home will be CBS All Access, just like the live-action series "Star Trek: Discovery."

No timeline for the new animated series' release has been announced.

[via: THR]