Emily Aragones/Sundance Institute

After parting ways with Pixar and Disney Animation following allegations of inappropriate workplace conduct, John Lasseter recently found a new gig as the head of animation at competing studio Skydance. Unfortunately, though, Lasseter's hire hasn't exactly been a welcome development -- and has reportedly cost the company one of the stars of an upcoming film.

According to a new story from The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar winner Emma Thompson had already begun recording voiceover work for "Luck," an animated feature that centers around a dispute between two different organizations: one representing good luck, and one representing bad. Though her casting had not yet been announced, THR says that Thompson was set to play the head of the good luck division.

But that will no longer be the case. THR reports that the actress "has quietly left the project because of concerns about working with Lasseter."

Lasseter came under fire back in 2017 after several Pixar employees complained about a pattern of behavior that included alleged unwanted touching, hugging, and kissing and making inappropriate comments about women's physical appearance. The exec admitted to some "missteps" in a company-wide memo, and announced he would take a leave of absence from the studio, which culminated in him exiting the company entirely at the end of 2018.

He wasn't out of work long, however, with Skydance announcing his hiring back in January. At the time, the studio defended its decision, saying that Lasseter "has acknowledged and apologized for his mistakes and, during the past year away from the workplace, has endeavored to address and reform them."

We wonder if the company will change its mind -- and more stars will follow in Thompson's footsteps.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter]