Tom Hanks in The Post

20th Century Fox

Warner. Bros' upcoming Elvis Presley biopic is on track to add Tom Hanks.

The actor is in talks to join the Baz Luhrmann-directed film, Variety reports. Hanks is to play Colonel Tom Parker, the man who is known for discovering Presley and helping bring him to stardom. He managed the iconic singer's career through Presley's death and even beyond.

Lurhmann, who is also the script's co-writer alongside Craig Pearce, reportedly wants a well-known actor to play Parker. Hanks, of course, fits the bill. He is a two-time Academy Award winner, having received Oscars for "Philadelphia" and "Forrest Gump." Over the course of his career, he has starred in numerous other successful films, including "A League of Their Own," the Toy Story series, and "The Post."

So far, the actor who will play Elvis has not been cast. Lurhmann hopes to find a newcomer, according to Deadine. The search for the lucky actor is underway.

The project aims to kick off production this year.

[via: Variety]