Don Cheadle in Black Monday


A new Quibi project has added a big name.

Don Cheadle is set to star in the upcoming sci-fi series "Don't Look Deeper," Deadline reports. He joins Emily Mortimer and Helena Howard. They'll be directed by "Twilight" vet Catherine Hardwicke.

The series will take place "fifteen minutes into the future," according to its description. It centers on a high school girl in Merced, California, who feels like something about her isn't right. And she's not wrong -- she's not human, and no one is. The revelation, however, puts her life in jeopardy.

Cheadle's role in the series hasn't been revealed. The actor is a veteran of movies and TV. He recently starred in the superhero flick "Avengers: Endgame" and will be seen in the upcoming "Prince of Darkness." On top of that, Cheadle stars in Showtime's "Black Monday" and previously was a regular on "House of Lies."

Though Cheadle has done plenty of TV work, the series "Don't Look Deeper" will be a little different. Quibi is a short-form video platform, and its series' episodes won't be longer than 10 minutes long, per Variety. He, along with heavy hitters like Sam Raimi and reportedly Naomi Watts, are joining the experiment.

"Don't Look Deeper" is produced by New Form and 30 Ninjas, with Kathleen Grace, Laura Schwartz Jed Weintrob, Julina Tatlock, Jeff Lieber, Charlie McDonnell, and Hardwicke executive producing. Both Lieber and McDonnell will double as writers, and Lieber will also serve as showrunner.

Quibi is scheduled to debut in April 2020.

[via: Deadline; Variety]