Steve and Robin were this-close to being a romantic match in "Stranger Things 3."

The Scoops Ahoy dynamic duo builds a strong platonic friendship over the course of the season, and toward the end, Steve (Joe Keery) confesses his romantic feelings for Robin (Maya Hawke). When she comes out as gay, Steve accepts the news gracefully and their friendship continues.

But it seems there were other plans in store for the pair. In the Wall Street Journal, Hawke reveals that the writers originally intended for Steve and Robin to have a romantic ending — and that she and Kerry fought against it.

“Throughout filming, we started to feel like she and Steve shouldn’t get together, and that she’s gay,” Hawke explained. “Even when I go back and watch earlier episodes, it just seems like the most obvious decision ever.”

The creators, the Duffer brothers, were receptive to their idea. And thus, a beautiful, platonic friendship was born and nurtured.

“The Duffer brothers and I, and [producer] Shawn Levy, had a lot of conversations throughout shooting and it wasn’t really until we were shooting episode four and five, I think, that we made the final decision,” Hawke said.

“It was a collaborative conversation, and I’m really, really happy with the way that it went.”

She added that she hopes Robin's story will help viewers "fall in love with girls who love girls and boys who love boys.”