Labina Mitevska

Born in January 1st, 1975

From Skopje, SR Macedonia, SFRY

Labina Mitevska Biography

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Labina Mitevska (Macedonian: Лабина Митевска) (born 1975 in Skopje, Socialist Republic of Macedonia, Yugoslavia) is a Macedonian actress. Mitevska began her acting career aged 19 after studying in Skopje, Denmark and the University of Arizona. She starred in Milčo Mančevski's 1994 Oscar nominated film Before the Rain.

She went on to play the supporting role in Welcome To Sarajevo, directed by Michael Winterbottom, and had the lead role in the Czech film Samotáři (Loners). She also played the lead role in the 2006 film Warchild.  

Labina Mitevska Filmography