• Michael  Redgrave

    Michael Redgrave

    Born on March 20th, 1908

    From Bristol, Gloucestershire, England


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Time Without Pity Poster

Time Without Pity

When an innocent man is sentenced to death for murder, his father takes matters into his own hands. A day before his son's execution, Canadian writer David Graham (Michael Redgrave) delves into England's criminal underworld and turns to increasingly desperate measures in an 11th-hour attempt to uncover any scrap of evidence that may exonerate his condemned son. Graham's search begins at the luxurious home of automotive industry giant Robert Stanford (Leo McKern).

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1958)
British Actor
The Night My Number Came Up Poster

The Night My Number Came Up

British Air Marshal Hardie (Michael Redgrave) is attending a party in Hong Kong when he hears of a dream, told by a pilot (Michael Hordern), in which Hardie's flight to Tokyo on a small Dakota propeller plane crashes on a Japanese beach. Hardie dismisses the dream as pure fantasy, but while he is flying to Tokyo the next day, circumstances start changing to line up with the pilot's vivid vision, and it looks like the dream disaster may become a reality.

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1956)
British Actor
Mourning Becomes Electra Poster

Mourning Becomes Electra

In a Greek tragedy updated to the 1860s, young New Englanders (Rosalind Russell, Michael Redgrave) exact vengeance after the murder of their father (Raymond Massey).