Miki Manojlović

Born in April 5th, 1950

From Belgrade, Serbia

Miki Manojlović Biography

Predrag "Miki" Manojlović ( (Serbian Cyrillic: Предраг "Мики" Манојловић; born April 5, 1950, Belgrade, Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia) is a Serbian actor, famous for his starring roles in some of the most important films of former Yugoslav cinema. Since the early 1990s, he successfully branched out into movies made outside the Balkans, meaning that he's currently active in productions all over Europe.

At February 2009 the Serbian Government established him as a president of the Serbian Film Center.

Miki Manojlović Filmography

Circus Columbia Poster
December 20, 2010
Promise Me This Poster
May 26, 2007
Irina Palm Poster
February 13, 2007
Hell Poster
December 12, 2006
The Whore's Son Poster
January 27, 2004
Criminal Lovers Poster
August 18, 1999