Renée Adorée

Born in September 30th, 1898

From Lille, Nord, France

Renée Adorée Biography

Renée Adorée (born Jeanne de la Fonte; 30 September 1898 – 5 October 1933) was a French actress who appeared in Hollywood silent movies during the 1920s. She is most famous for her role as Melisande in the melodramatic romance and war epic The Big Parade.

Renée Adorée Filmography

Twenty Years After Poster
January 1, 1944
The Movies March On Poster
July 3, 1939
Call of the Flesh Poster
August 16, 1930
Redemption Poster
May 2, 1930
The Pagan Poster
April 26, 1929
Tide of Empire Poster
March 23, 1929
The Michigan Kid Poster
October 20, 1928
The Mating Call Poster
July 21, 1928