Roy Boulting

Born in November 21st, 1913

From Bray, Berkshire, England

Roy Boulting Biography

Roy Boulting (November 21, 1913 – November 5, 2001) was a British filmmaker. Roy and his identical twin brother John Boulting, known collectively as the Boulting brothers, are known for their series of satirical comedies.

Roy Boulting Filmography

The Last Word Poster
January 1, 1979
There's a Girl in My Soup Poster
December 15, 1970
Twisted Nerve Poster
February 26, 1969
The Family Way Poster
December 18, 1966
Heavens Above! Poster
May 20, 1963
I'm All Right Jack Poster
April 8, 1960
Run for the Sun Poster
July 30, 1956