• Stephen  Boyd

    Stephen Boyd

    Born on July 4th, 1931

    From Glengormley, Northern Ireland


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Billy Rose's Jumbo Poster

Billy Rose's Jumbo

Pop and Kitty Wonder are father-and-daughter circus hands trying to save their tiny business from rival owner John Noble, whose son, Sam has secretly joined their circus as a tightrope walker, calling himself Sam Rawlins. Kitty falls for Sam, not knowing his relationship to their enemy.

Golden Globe (1963)
Best Performance By an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy
The Man Who Never Was Poster

The Man Who Never Was

As the British military prepares to invade Sicily during World War II, intelligence agent Ewen Montagu (Clifton Webb) hatches a cunning plan to fool Germany into believing the Allies' true target is Greece. Concocting a fictitious British officer named Maj. William Martin, Montagu gathers false top-secret documents and personal letters to plant upon a corpse that will wash ashore in Spain. But the investigations of a German undercover agent (Stephen Boyd) could potentially expose the fraud.

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1957)
Most Promising Newcomer to Film