Bickford Schmeckler's Cool Ideas Poster

Release Date: 2006

DVD Release Date: August 21st, 2007

R|1 hr 15 min

Plot Summary
Bickford Schmeckler (Patrick Fugit) has a lot of "cool ideas" about things like the meaning of life and the unified field theory. He keeps them all in a giant notebook that he guards with his life. So when a sorority girl (Olivia Wilde) somehow manages to steal the book, he scours the campus to find it before all his ideas are lost forever. Meanwhile, everyone who reads the book experiences a radical change in consciousness, blown away by Bickford's amazing revelations about life.

Cast: Patrick Fugit, Matthew Lillard, John Cho, Cheryl Hines, Olivia Wilde

Director: Scott Lew

Genres: Comedy

Production Co: Depth of Field

Keywords: 2000s, Creative, Pursuit, Offbeat, Charming