Cave-In! (1983)

Not Yet Rated 1 hr 38 minJun 19th, 1983Action, TV Movie, Thriller, Drama, Adventure

A party of tourists -- including a state senator (Susan Sullivan), a park ranger (Dennis Cole) who was her one-time lover, a cantankerous professor (Ray Milland), and an escaped convict (James Olson) -- are trapped deep inside the caverns of an unnamed national park, rescued briefly, and then caught in a second cave-in. This Irwin Allen mini-disaster film made in 1979 was shelved for a number of TV seasons, as was his "The Night the Bridge Fell Down", made back-to-back with this one by the same director and much of the same crew.

Georg Fenady
Dennis Coleas Ranger Gene Pearson
Susan Sullivanas Senator Kate Lassiter
Leslie Nielsenas Joe Johnson