• Ray  Milland

    Ray Milland

    Born on January 3rd, 1907

    From Neath, Wales


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The Thief Poster

The Thief

A nuclear scientist who betrays the American government is unable to outwit the FBI.

Golden Globe (1953)
Best Performance By an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama
The Lost Weekend Poster

The Lost Weekend

Writer Don Birnam (Ray Milland) is on the wagon. Sober for only a few days, Don is supposed to be spending the weekend with his brother, Wick (Phillip Terry), but, eager for a drink, Don convinces his girlfriend (Jane Wyman) to take Wick to a show. Don, meanwhile, heads to his local bar and misses the train out of town. After recounting to the bartender (Howard da Silva) how he developed a drinking problem, Don goes on a weekend-long bender that just might prove to be his last.

Golden Globe (1946)
Actor in a Leading Role