CHIKARA Silence in the Library

CHIKARA Silence in the Library (2017)

NR 1 hr 56 minNov 17th, 2017
Our return to the Pine Tree State sees two top tag teams collide, as the acrobatic Xyberhawx2000 look to soar over all the dirty tricks of the so-called "legitimate businessmen" Cornelius Crummels and Sonny Defarge! The Rumblebees look to capture their 3rd point and secure a title shot at the elusive Ice Creams, while Oleg the Usurper looks to reignite his singles career, having suffered enough alongside Kobald. The Maine State Posse makes their CHIKARA debut, and rematched from Chicago are Rory Gulak and Icarus, determined to discover who is the superior grappler!
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