Dark Space (2013)

Movie"Marooned on a remote planet, only one thing is certain... they are not alone."
Audience Score
College friends Devin, Jack, Shelly, Kristy, Shaun, and Flower rent a spacecraft to autopilot them to Centauri Five for a holiday break. Impatient over the rental agency restricting the ship’s speed to 10x, Devin and the others convince Shaun to remove the craft’s constrictor device. Doing so damages the computer’s automated systems, as well as the ability to send a distress beacon, causing the six friends to crash land on an uncharted alien planet.
DirectorEmmett Callinan
WriterEmmett Callinan

Movie Details

Theatrical Release:January 15th, 2013
Movie Budget:$750,000
Original Language:English
Production Companies:Automatic Media