Escape to Witch Mountain Poster

Release Date: 1975

G|1 hr 37 min

Plot Summary
Tony (Ike Eisenmann) and Tia Malone (Kim Richards) are two orphaned siblings with extraordinary psychic powers. When their abilities attract the attention of a cruel millionaire, Aristotle Bolt (Ray Milland), he kidnaps them with plans to exploit their powers for financial gain. Tony and Tia escape, and with the help of Jason O'Day (Eddie Albert), a bitter widower camping in a nearby Winnebago, they attempt to elude Bolt and begin to discover their otherworldly origins.

Cast: Eddie Albert, Ray Milland, Donald Pleasence, Kim Richards, Iake Eissinmann, Walter Barnes, Reta Shaw, Denver Pyle

Director: John Hough

Genres: Family, Science fiction

Keywords: Suspenseful, Lighthearted, 1970s, Escape