Great Expectations (2013)

Movie"Prepare for a life of great expectations."
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PG-13 2 hr 8 minNov 8th, 2013Romance, Drama
Miss Havisham, a wealthy spinster who wears an old wedding dress and lives in the dilapidated Satis House, asks Pip's Uncle Pumblechook to find a boy to play with her adopted daughter Estella. Pip begins to visit Miss Havisham and Estella, with whom he falls in love, then Pip—a humble orphan—suddenly becomes a gentleman with the help of an unknown benefactor.

Movie Details

Theatrical Release:November 8th, 2013
Movie Box Office Gross:$258,656 (Worldwide)
Original Language:English
Executive Producers:Norman Merry, Christine Langan, Arti Modi, Thorsten Schumacher, Cliff Curtis, Peter Hampden, Harrison Kordestani, C.C. Hang, Ed Hart, Mike Newell, Jana Edelbaum, Zygi Kamasa, Charlotte Larsen
Production Companies:Number 9 Films, BBC Film, Unison Films, Lipsync Productions