• History Is Made at Night (1937)

History Is Made at Night

Release Date: 1937

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 37 min

Plot Summary

When his wife, Irene (Jean Arthur), plans to divorce him, wealthy and cruel businessman Bruce Vail (Colin Clive) sends his chauffeur to her Paris hotel room so he can catch her in a "compromising" position. Instead, Bruce interrupts a masked thief, who kidnaps Irene. Later, the thief -- head waiter Paul Dumond (Charles Boyer) -- reveals to Irene that he overheard the plot and wanted to help. After a romantic evening, Irene falls in love with Paul, but Bruce will stop at nothing to ruin them.

Cast: Charles Boyer, Jean Arthur, Colin Clive, Leo Carrillo, Ivan Lebedeff, George Meeker, Lucien Prival, George Davis

Director: Frank Borzage

Genres: Romance

Keywords: Pursuit, 1930s, Playful, Love interest, Wife, Car, Love, Murder, Office, Dark