In the Shadows

In the Shadows (2001)

"Hitman. Stuntman. Dead man."
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Not Yet Rated 1 hr 45 minJun 24th, 2001Thriller, Drama

When a stunt man dies in Miami, his uncle, a New York mob boss, sends a hit man to tail the stunt coordinator, whom the boss wants dead. The hit man, Eric O'Bryne, gets close to his mark's daughter, and through her he asks her dad to teach him to do stunts. While waiting for the word to kill this mentor, Eric discovers the joy of stunt work and of being part of a family. Meanwhile, several people are looking for the dead man's briefcase of money and a cloth bag of illegal drugs that he stole from an undercover FBI agent now desperate to get the borrowed drugs back to the bureau. The stunt coordinator says that 'we dance in the shadows of death.' Can Eric step out into the sun?

James Caanas Lance Huston
Joey Lauren Adamsas Clarissa Huston