Ju-on: The Final Curse

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Ju-on: The Final Curse
Following the events of Ju-on: The Beginning of the End, Mai, the older sister of elementary schoolteacher Yui Shono, goes to look for her sister, who disappeared after a year while working in an elementary school. Mai soon discovers the Teriyaki household who tells her about what happened to her sister. Mai will now uncover the dark secrets of Ju-on and will try to end the curse once and for all.
DirectorMasayuki Ochiai
WritersMasayuki OchiaiTakashige Ichise

Ju-on (Reboot) Collection

Reboot of Ju-On, in celebration of its fifteenth anniversary, drawing inspiration from previous films and featuring a new backstory regarding the Saeki curse. It began in 2014 with 'The Beginning of the End', which received a sequel meant to conclude the franchise the following year.

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Movie Box Office Gross:$5,012,513 (Worldwide)
Original Language:Japanese
Production Companies:Showgate, NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan