Let Us Prey (2015)

Movie"Darkness Shall Rise"
Audience Score
Rachel, a rookie cop, is about to begin her first night shift in a neglected police station in a Scottish, backwater town. The kind of place where the tide has gone out and stranded a motley bunch of the aimless, the forgotten, the bitter-and-twisted who all think that, really, they deserve to be somewhere else. They all think they're there by accident and that, with a little luck, life is going to get better. Wrong, on both counts. Six is about to arrive - and All Hell Will Break Loose!
DirectorBrian O'Malley
WritersFiona WatsonDavid Cairns

Movie Details

Theatrical Release:March 25th, 2015
Original Language:English
Executive Producers:Nick Munday, Chris Hainsworth, Lee Brazier, James Daly
Production Companies:Greenhouse Media Investment, Makar Productions, Fantastic Films