Love Building

"Love has changed since once upon a time"
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Love Building
NR 1 hr 25 minComedy, Drama
Love Building is a comedy about a camp designed to mend broken relationships 14 couples try to break the deadlock and rebuild their love with the help of three psychotherapists and trainers The program lasts for 7 days and the participants go through different stages of redesigning their love lives But the three trainers meant to assist them have problems of their own and things gradually get out of hand In an ongoing search for the happily ever after one question pops up Can love be fixed in seven days
DirectorIulia Rugină
WritersIulia RuginăOana RăsuceanuAna Agopian

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Production Companies:MediaPro Distribution Zbang Film Actorie de Film Papaya Advertising DaKINO Production Digital Cube
Movie Tags:friends