Love from a Stranger

Love from a Stranger (1947)

"He lied, cheated, and killed all in the name of love."
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Not Yet Rated 1 hr 21 minNov 15th, 1947Drama

Cecily Harrington (Sylvia Sidney), struggling along on a small allowance, wins a fortune in a lottery. She decides to travel rather than marrying her fiance Nigel Lawrence (John Howard.) A stranger, Manuel Cortez (John Hodiak), comes to rent her flat and she falls in love with him, and they are married. For their honeymoon, they go to an isolated English college where she, unlike the audience, doesn't realize she has married a fortune-hunting Bluebeard with a few murdered wives in his past. The question is will she be able to repent in leisure her decision to marry in haste.

John Hodiakas Manuel Cortez
Sylvia Sidneyas Cecily Harrington
Ann Richardsas Mavis Wilson