• Mata Hari (1931)

Mata Hari

Release Date: 1931

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 31 min

Plot Summary

In Paris during World War II, Dutch exotic dancer Mata Hari (Greta Garbo) secretly moonlights as a German spy. Using her feminine wiles to seduce French and Russian agents into bed so she can uncover top-secret information, Mata Hari is a primary target of the French Spy Bureau's Dubois (C. Henry Gordon). When Mata Hari falls in love with one of her intended targets, the dashing Lt. Rosanoff (Ramon Novarro), Dubois uses her former accomplice (Lionel Barrymore) to bring her down.

Cast: Greta Garbo, Ramon Novarro, Lionel Barrymore, Lewis Stone, C. Henry Gordon, Karen Morley, Alec B. Francis, Blanche Frederici

Director: George Fitzmaurice

Genres: Biography

Production Co: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Keywords: Pursuit, Love interest, Rivalry, Sacrifice, Melodramatic, Love

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