Meltdown (2014)

"Theyre Totally Dead and Seriously Pissed Off"
Audience Score
The film follows Zeke Robert McMurray Callie Alicia Marie Marcucci Les Seth Gontkovic and Hunter Jake Mulliken on the eve of Hunters 29th birthday as they share in a few drinks on a seemingly dull day in their hometown of Somerset The day takes a turn for the worse as everyone they have ever known are suddenly transformed into aggressively murderous flesh eating freaks The four comrades are forced to hack and slash their way through the reanimated corpses of their closest friends and loved ones only to find themselves on the precipice of a post apocalyptic wasteland littered with monsters and the looming threat of their fellow survivors

Movie Details

Theatrical Release:August 16th, 2014
Movie Budget:$20,000.00
Original Language:English
Movie Tags:zombie, apocalypse