• Mile 22 (2018)

Mile 22

Release Date: August 17th, 2018

DVD Release Date: November 13th, 2018

R |1 hr 35 min

Plot Summary

CIA operative James Silva leads a small but lethal paramilitary team on an urgent and dangerous mission. They must transport a foreign intelligence asset from an American embassy in Southeast Asia to an airfield for extraction -- a distance of 22 miles. Silva and the soldiers soon find themselves in a race against time as the city's military, police and street gangs close in to reclaim the asset.

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Lauren Cohan, Iko Uwais, John Malkovich, Ronda Rousey, Carlo Alban, Natasha Goubskaya, Chae-rin Lee

Director: Peter Berg

Genres: Thriller , Action

Production Co: Closest to the Hole, The Hideaway Entertainment, Huayi Brothers

Distributors: STX Films

Keywords: Soldier , Escape , Suspenseful , 2010s , Police officer , Rescue , Prison , Police station , Car , Quest , Brooding ,

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Ratings & Reviews

  • 50
    Todd McCarthyThe Hollywood Reporter

    Like an athlete who leaves it all on the field, the film leaves it all in the moment and on the screen, and there's really nothing to take away afterwards. There is nothing to think about, no nuances to contemplate, no connection with these characters who exist only in moments of hyper-tension and crisis, no greater truths to consider other than to prevail. show more

  • 30
    Matt SingerScreenCrush

    The fights and shootouts are too choppy to be clear and too bloody to be fun. It’s basically an over-caffeinated lecture about geopolitics with frequent cutaways to grisly murders. It didn’t necessarily need a page one rewrite, but a better and less hectic edit could have done wonders. show more

  • 50
    Tim GriersonScreen International

    The adrenaline never stops pumping in Mile 22, a superficially kinetic thriller that simultaneously attempts to be politically savvy and an ultra-macho shoot-‘em-up. That juggling act proves too sophisticated for director Peter Berg who, in his fourth collaboration with Mark Wahlberg, again demonstrates his sufficient skill at crafting dynamic suspense sequences. show more

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