• My Woman (1933)

My Woman

Release Date: 1933

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 16 min

Plot Summary

Spirited singer and dancer Connie (Helen Twelvetrees) charms a radio station executive, John Bradley (Victor Jory), when he spots her performing in a Panama nightclub. Connie hits it off with John and visits him in New York City. However, what she really wants is a gig for Chick (Wallace Ford), her vaudevillian husband. John gives them both a shot at stardom, but Chick abandons Connie when he becomes famous. As Chick's celebrity goes to his head, Connie finds support in John.

Cast: Helen Twelvetrees, Victor Jory, Wallace Ford, Claire Dodd, Warren Hymer, Raymond Brown, Hobart Cavanaugh, Charles Levison

Director: Victor Schertzinger

Genres: Drama

Production Co: Columbia

Keywords: Rise, Underdog, 1930s, New York City, Sacrifice, Melodramatic, Spirited, Love triangle, Wife, Fall

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